Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sketch a Day Challenge: Day 5

Whoa, had an evening nap after riding my bike for the first time this year.  Getting a spring-weather day in Toronto made me want to go riding, although I still need to get my regular muscles for cycling back in shape.

Anyway, what I've sketched today is a local thing to see in Toronto lately.  An artist, Matthew Del Degan had developed the "LoveBot" as part of a global movement to tell stories of love and kindness.    (Truthfully, I first thought that they were part of some display for Aboveground Art Supplies, since their locations were where I kept seeing them at only, until today's ride).

For anyone interested, here are some links connecting to these concrete sculptures and the stories that others had sent in to this movement:

LoveBot Blog:
Matthew Del Degan's Website:


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