Game and Sequential Art

This section contains works for game and narrative graphics.  Also some examples of previous graphic novel projects.

Underpass Rain - Animated, 2017

Map Location Icons, 2016
Battle Icons, 2016
Pac-Man, (Birthday Picture for my brother) 2016

Grocer's Aisle (with enlarged inserts), 2016

Christmas Avatar Icons, 2016

Food Avatar Icons (Backdrop), 2016

Treasure Chest Frames for App Icon, 2016

Close Up Portraits, 2015
Aura Blinking - Animated GIF, 2015

Youtube Channel Banner, 2015

Lady Mab, 2015 (First drawn in 2014)

Overnighter in the Woods, 2014
Menu Icons #1, 2014
Element Spheres, 2014
Mario Kart - Final Draft, 2013
Content Copyrighted to Nintendo
Stranded - Great War Battle Scene, 2013
5-Page Segment from Crystalium: Graphic Novel Project
Separate Pages from Stranded: Graphic Novel Project

Promo Art for Crystalium, 2013

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