Sunday, March 23, 2014

SDC: Day 17

Chimera Animals
I've been wondering for awhile since I started my Sketch a Day Challenge.  Do you, the readers, like reading about my daily entries, even though there aren't always art-related?  As much as I would like to have something artistic to talk about with each daily post, I do get caught up with other things to deal with some days: taking care of my pets' needs or house chores, going out for a long while to shop for essentials or getting my exercise for the day in, cleaning/organizing my workspace/living space (which was the case today since I wasn't up to walking outside in the cold).

My brother advised me once before to keep the entries on just my artwork or freelancing, however I tend to want to talk with others about my day as to... I guess to hear how others think about how to do things.  Getting feedback from just my parents each day gets onerous and static.  If anyone wants to ever comment or leave a titbit of advice, feel free to say anything.  Getting some views/hits a day is fine but I would to be more interactive with my blog rather than just broadcast as on an obscure radio station, hoping that someone is listening.

Maybe for now I'll just post my images up and see if anyone likes to comment on them in the near future.  Leave my thoughts in my laptop diary to mull over.

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