Sunday, May 21, 2017

TOUSK Meetup Trip - Yorkville Village Mall, Yorkville - Toronto, ON

About once or twice a month, for a few months now, I've been going out to these urban sketching group meet ups.  To do some drawing/doodling and to socialize with other artists or hobbyists.  It gives me another reason to go out for other than exercise and scrap-scrounging.  

Urban sketching is basically drawing/painting an area, with the people, the scenery and all the activities going on. Usually it's drawing on site and from what you're actually seeing happening (you can add colours or any small details from a photo take, along as you started the sketch onsite or not if you're a true purist about it). It's a very popular hobby for anyone with creative skills; it's relaxing, you can capture things in a way that photos can't, and it's an international movement. And all you need is simply a notebook and any writing tool that you carry around easily, extras like watercolours or even a tablet with a drawing app make great add-ons!

If anyone interested, here are some links:

To check out my USK group and all the posted work we share:

Monday, May 8, 2017

Works from the past 2 weeks

Bloomy Sea, 2017
Inked on a gouache illustration board, from my large mural project 
Feathery Skies, 2017
(Added to the post on June 19; forgot to post it up)

Royal Oak @ Queen St East & Willow, 2017

Photo reference of sketch site

Burger Box Replicate (from a McDonald's McChicken Box)