Monday, September 9, 2013

Update to the Manga/Anime Tabi Art Contest

Hey, guess what?  Remember the Shaman King illustration I did for Cool East Market's Tabi Art Contest?  I didn't get chosen for first place (which was a tie between two other entries by the way), I've received special recognition for my entry in the site's results page.

Webpage for Tabi Art Contest's results:

This feels as a great big boost of confidence for me.  I might want to try entering in more local art contests in the near future as it seems that people actually do like my artwork.

I'm nearly all setup for my freelancing business to begin.  That's good because it's around the time for artists to start getting busy for commercial and commission jobs.  Still have to upkeep the house where I can realistically around here.  A little progress at a time is better than none.