Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Working out what works best for myself! - Early August

Hi y'all! I've been busy awhile with my artwork and other odds and ends.  Working on filling up my portfolio in genres that I've lacking recent pieces in.  I got some lingering ideas and DIYs out of the way, I'm also working on some of my social media sites, improving them for promoting myself.  And here I'm sharing some of the samples.
Azeem lectures his genie, 2017
Vector Feather Pattern, 2017
Vector Animals, 2017
Vector Animals, 2017
JULY 21, 2017 - DeSerres @ Danforth & Coxwell
Triangular Sandwich Box Template, 2017
Black Box Easel, recently fixed up, 2017
What I'm hoping to get done very soon is create a bunch of assets that I can sell for some income.  Also getting hired on by a temp agency for some regular income to afford professional promotional materials (my printer won't print in black right now unless it's photo paper which I only got in postcard size) :(.  So I'll be busy doing that and hopefully have some news of my successes soon.