Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sketches for the week (I'm back by the way)

More or less, my client's large mural project is done. As long as there isn't any complications with the printing on my client's end and I have to make more revisions to fix it.

I can fairly confidently say that I am back to making regular posts.  At least as long as I can build back up my content buffer.  I'm not going to be slowly down though; once I get caught up with what got neglected while I was on the mural project, I got to get on with some essential matters in my life.  Finding more sustainable employment for starters, even if it's with a temp agency in Scarborough.

Don't get me wrong; I'm fine with taking on jobs from Fiverr, but I rather be doing short works on there over 2-3 week projects for a measly flat rate.  I'm going to modify my Fiverr gigs to better suit my work style along with adding any possible gigs that's not very time-consuming to the point that I'm stuck neglecting other important things in my life.  Don't want to work myself sick when it isn't necessary.

I am considering selling stock images (despite being told I shouldn't in art university OCADU), assets, prints, anything that could bring more income for living expenses.  I've seen some sites to help with that, I just have to dig up any past work or create new ones to market them.

Anyways, enough of my own woes, here are my sketches from my TOUSK group on our last meet up trip to IKEA North York Store (near TTC's Leslie Station).
Cheesecake Treat, 2017

Father Waiting with his Daughters, 2017

IKEA Restaurant Cashier, 2017

Young Asian Boy w/ Toy Registrar, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Inserts from mural project

I've been busy with painting mural panels for the last 2 weeks.  Apparently I got a knack for painting birds and cherry blossoms.  Here are 3 inserts from the project.
Lovebirds, 2017 
Scarlet Macaw, 2017

Azure Winged Magpie and Blue-and-Gold Macaw, 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Waterdrop Cookie Art Video

Waterdrop Cookie Vector Art
Here is the second video of my vector art cookies.  As I'm making these videos, I'm noticing how I'm going to be need to store the raw and complied outside my computer as I'm getting low on GB space. At least USB keys can now carries loads of memory for large files.  Has anyone got like a whole library of USBs, containing their digital media of music, movies and other projects? What would you use to store them in? A USB Binder or key rings or a plain box/bin/bag?

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