Monday, April 25, 2016

Samples and Experiments

Hiya.  Been working on some new samples for my Fiverr Gigs, some are yet to be active but soon.  I might be tied up with some family obligations for a while but I'm not letting that stop me from freelancing nor improving my creative skills.  Here are some stuff I've been doodling around with lately.

New Fiverr Sample - Black & White Line Art

Bouncing Ball Sketching Animation - Can you guess which one is 1-Looped?

Storyboarding Sample - Tea Time Surprise

Storyboarding Sample - Stormy Horizon

Slumber Studying, 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016

What's been happening lately...

Hey everyone.  How's everyone doing?  I've been busy with a lot of stuff at home.

I've been side-tracked a lot over family matters lately.  My Dad unfortunately suffered a stroke back in Late-January.  He was hospitalized twice since then; after the first 2 weeks, he was home for 5 days before having to go back over mini-strokes.  He now needs someone to always be with him at home as his brain isn't what it used to be, plus now blind in one eye.  Mom had to go on leave with her job to help Dad but I help her out at times, especially since she's working to get her driving license.

At this time, I would be working a usual job placement in Toronto. Unfortunately, I wasn't given the job this time so I'm currently looking for other opportunities.  More freelancing, another temp agency or a more permanent job in design or retail, whoever would have me (hint, hint).  While waiting for  in between, I'm clearing off my backlog of projects.  This scrap card stock for a quick illustration for one.

So just stating what's been happening with me lately.  I want to be getting my artistic momentum rolling again that Mom is home for Dad now.  It's just a matter of deciding which direction I want to go for employment at this point.