Sunday, December 29, 2013

Working for a good start for the New Year!

This has been somewhat a good year for me.  I didn't get to achieve ALL of the goals I'd set for myself a year ago, but I made some headway in them.  

I've finally started to do my illustrator freelancing service via and made some dollars already.  I got now a lighter mobile device for doing my artwork on when away from the house if needed.  I'm working towards learning a new language (French) and got some major progress done on long outstanding projects.  I got more money into my savings along with getting some essential advice on managing it better.

I still have some issues with my health to deal with, both in diet and exercise.  There are still some barriers in my life that aren't easily solvable but I'm learning ways to better cope and persevere with them.  With any decent amount of free time I get, I'm working away and getting less problems to worry about off my chest.

As a way to improve my memory on the different physical media available for placing artwork on, I recently created two template charts on such promotional materials.  Please check them out and suggest anything that I might've left out (was running out of steam past midnight).