Monday, March 10, 2014

Sketch a Day Challenge: Day 4

Had a hard time getting inspired to sketch so I've looked to the internet for news updates.  Had the idea about what the Vancouver's Port Metro's truckers could do for making a picket line in their strike.  
Striking Truckers

Off-topic, I've googled my own name and found that my oldest gallery account at Elfwood was at the top of the list (other than another Jennie McMillen's website and Facebook listing being next to it).  Unless you put 'Illustrator' before my name, the only other listing that comes up my blog is my thesis gallery page from OCADU's Illustration display.  I need to work harder to get it where just my name alone will be at No. 1 in Google and in the other web searches like Bing, Yahoo, etc.  That is if I can start conceptualizing better.

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