Saturday, September 9, 2017

Summer Break is Over (For most people)

Well, now it's after Labour Day and for most people, it's back from summer vacations and either to work or school!  Then again, work and school aren't really restricted from September to June in Canada or online.
Artscape Wychwood Barns, Farmer's Martket

While practicing my art and self-study my Udemy courses, I'm looking for part-time work! Applied to a few locations already but no luck as of yet. It's not so much as finding work you can do adequate but also being able to travel to a workplace in a reasonable commute time.  Unfortunately, finding creative jobs in Toronto is harder than online when you have to travel about an hour each way to a studio on transit.  One of the pitfalls of living in a suburbia like Scarborough, even when it's in the most South-Western end of it.  I would honestly like to live closer to the downtown where it's more of an artist hub and as soon as I can get enough steady income coming my way, the better.

Customers @ Tim Hortons
Anyways, as far as beefing up my portfolio, I've made some game graphics assets with the intent of a Match-3 game. I've even gone as far as record my work progress on these, made fast-speed art demo videos of them and have their links down below. Some on them aren't posted yet on Youtube as they auto-scheduled for weekly updates.  It's still ongoing the project but I could turn them into my first game, maybe on my own or if I team up with a game programmer that knows Unity or similar. Not right now, but maybe soon or just sell them as assets on a game graphics store.

Pigeon @ Sugar Beach Park
Got other examples of works up for the month, so browse around and I'll be back soon (in October) with any new works or sketches for the month. Hopefully with a job.

Splash Pad @ Sugar Beach Park

ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) @ Queens Way & Bloor St West

Photo of ROM Sketch Site

Youtube Links
Flower Cookie
Meringue Cookie
Icing Topper
Flower Cookie, 2017
Star Cookie, 2017
Meringue Cookie, 2017

Icing Topper, 2017

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