Sunday, November 8, 2015

Timing Illustrative Styles

With my temp job with L'Oreal is now done (and some other expenses), I'll looking for more work, closer to home hopefully or without a lot of commuting time.  Also I"m experimenting with how long it takes to do an illustrative style from a sketch.  For today I did 2 versions in Photoshop on 1 of my old SDC sketches from last year.
Original Sketch
Estimate Time: 6 hours

Estimate Time: 4 hours
I was seeing if there was a professional style I could go with for my freelancing online.  Style 1 with purely shape and no contours and Style 2 with contours.  I had before obsess with having thick 'n' thin lines done perfectly which had contributed to having spent more hours on a piece than maybe necessary.  When you get to experiment like this, you definitely get to explore what works better for yourself and your work.

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