Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Owl bears at a Salmon Run

Salmon Run Owlbear

This one took a lonnnnnnnng time to complete (about 4 months on my spare time), plus in a poster format with over 650MB in Photoshop.  For those following from Spring this year, I've made a day trip on my bike, getting some exercise, fresh air and inspiration for new works.  Some of those sketches I've made while cycling are down below.  It wouldn't be the first time than I've used the Salmon Run Fountain of Bobbie Rosenfeld Park for a project and I was wanting to do some fantasy works. I've also took photos and videos of running rivers and rapids with my iPad's camera while riding across the bike paths of Taylor Creek and Don River Valley. With those sketches, I've started to do a poster work for a fantasied salmon run.  Most of the time working on this went into the salmons and owlbears and the rock wall of the river.

Overall. I liked the final look of the piece.  Usually I don't like how long some pieces might take to do those sharp and highly-detailed markings with but it had come out all right in the long run, literally.
Refined Rough for Salmon Run Owlbear

Original sketches while on day trip in Spring 2015

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