Sunday, April 20, 2014

SDC: Days 44 & 45

Evergreen Brickworks Welcome Booth
Just because it's Easter
Sorry for not updating yesterday; I got back from my weekly bike ride feeling very exhausted and went soon to bed but it was a good trip.  I was riding thru the bike trails into the Don Valley River Area (I usually get there on the east end of Taylor Creek trail that leads to the Lower Don River trail that can take you all the way down to Lake Ontario: Google Maps) and I particularly wanted to visit two sites there other than seeing glimpses of the local wildlife: Todmorden Mills and Evergreen Brickworks.

These are historical sites dating far back into the 1800s as the families that used to owned them had helped out with a majority of Toronto's early development.  Todmorden Mills being the first paper mill in Upper Canada and the Brickworks producing many bricks that many of Toronto's oldest buildings were constructed from to say at least.  Nowadays, they are centres of the arts and of nature conservation where people can visit for art shows, theatre plays, local history and nature/leisure walks.

It's easier to travel to these sites by car than by bike/foot; getting back up and out, even on the trails is harder unless you're willing to follow the Don River all the way to the lake shore.  Most times these historic sites are closed off from the public but they do open for viewing on some holidays and special occasions, like Doors Open Toronto that's for one weekend (usually Late May). For anyone who would like to check out both places, there's lots of web content on them around:

Evergreen Brickworks:
Todmorden Mills (via Toronto's website - Arts & Culture's Museum section:

Looks better when
the plants are fully grown
Not visible on Google Maps
Water Instalment of
Greater Toronto's Watershed Systems

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