Sunday, April 13, 2014

SDC: Day 37

Today I spent my time downtown.  Other than collecting coins while cycling, I paid a visit down at the Design Exchange for two things: 1) to see the current location of Magic Pony (an art merchandise/gallery studio started by one of my old teachers from OCAD, Steve Cober) and 2) to see the art show going on there right now called "This is Not a Toy" Designer Toy Exhibition.  For anyone interested:

I found it hard to resist wanting to play or even handle the sculptures (thank goodness for the plastic boxes encasing them).  Some of them could easily be thought of as playable figurines or even collectables, but the show does get people to believe it's possible to create serious works of art in the form of toy modelling.  I've taken pictures with my iPad of some favourites of mine; it's a free show to attend so anytime while in the lower downtown core, please take the time to browse around at it.

The Full spread of the page 
Nuke's opinion of the art show

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