Thursday, June 1, 2017

A-MAY-ing Sketches & Box Templates

It's been rather eventful this month for me:

  • Strained my left knee while hauling two buckets full of beach pebbles for Civic's old pen, turning it into a garden planter. Probably after buying those strawberry plants and the extra soil.
  • Went to the TCAF - Toronto Comic Arts Festival and bought 4 volumes of Octopus Pie.
  • My brother Jason and my niece Caitlin visited for about 2 weeks; his rowdy, bouncing daughter wanting to always play with me over my parents. Helped her somewhat overcome her fear of pets.
  • Went to another TOUSK Meetup at Berczy Park, sketched the new dog fountain on display.
  • Got a bad stomachache last weekend, making me have to stay in bed about 2 days except for going out to buy antacids.
  • Been catching up on emails, online surveys, book reading, course studies, exercises and miscellaneous after I've gotten better.
So yeah, busy.  I'll be getting even more busy now that I need to get back into my working rhythm. 

Now to show some of the work I've lucky got done over the month:

Vector Template of The Beer Store's Card Stock Carrier

Vector Template of Random Trapezoid Food Box

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