Sunday, December 18, 2016

More like Graphic Design

Okay, so lately I've been looking into how much kinds of work I have and I'm noticing that I haven't been making anything to showcase for retail.  I was making gondole pricing tags from my past temp job for the Toronto's L'Oreal Warehouse Sale as a pricing associate.  Mostly I had to print and laminate the gondola tags made at their headquarters (gondola as in those shelving stands common in retail stores) and place them on the correct spots at the sale's location, including editing and replacing them as prices changes in Adobe Photoshop Elements.
Sand Checkers Club, 2016
The job did gave me the knowledge about coordinating the product's info and imagery together into an appealing yet understanding composition for any reader.  I had done some school postings before so I already had some amateur experience with this.  Anyways, these are samples of event postings and pricing tags using my own artworks (excluding product photographs); none of them are for authentic store prices or events.

Annual Winter Solstice Fair (Postcard Ad), 2016
Since I'm considering applying for jobs that deals with making these, these are for my portfolio for graphic design-related works.

Gondola Pricing Tags, 2016
Lance Blush (Bin Labels), 2016

Multi Brands Makeup (Bin Labels), 2016

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