Sunday, October 23, 2016

Christmas Icons Art

For another profile's splash page (Linkedin), I spent the week rendering these christmas icons for the upcoming Christmas season.  LinkedIn is still a new site for me and apparently, I haven't had any artwork for my header.  It looks different here as the one in LinkedIn would look, like this:

Christmas Icons, formatted to LinkedIn's background section.
For each social media or job-hunting sites where you can customize your profile pages, they have different size formats requirements for posting up your splash image or banner. Along with file size limits.  It's a good idea to write down those requirements for when you want to update those profiles with fresh artwork, either from past jobs or custom-made works for them particularly.

I got about half of my customizable profiles done now.  I might for my Facebook and Twitter profiles use promo artwork for my splash images.  That's my next artistic goal, to update my portfolios with new and more diverse examples as I want to make them for job-hunting for new jobs.  While I'm getting some responses from my Fiverr account, I'm not getting a lot of replies back from clients after a few response exchanges.  Not much job security on that site or I'm not doing something right on there.

It's not like I'm very tight on cash yet, but I can't allow myself to keep working for peanuts or promise to do high-quality work on an impossible deadline; it's not feasible living for me nor make for a good rep on professionalism.  I could do work at a temp agency that actually pays the bills compare to how some people seem to think what work conditions I should do with my freelancing.  I illustrate because it's what I'm best at and I enjoy it; it's feels more of a hobby than a 9-5 job that most people do just for survival.

Anyways, there's more art to come as I continue to freshen up things.  And if my clients don't want to return my messages, hey more time to get this all done. Maybe before New Year's.  See ya later.

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