Thursday, September 15, 2016

Customized Background Image and Blogger Design Setup

Hello everyone to Autumn (or near Autumn for those in the Northern Hemisphere)!  Even I'm noticing the cool down during the last few summer nights before the season change.  I haven't been outside as much as I would've like due to freelancing work but that's been better from receiving not one job placement from my current temp agency for months.  As I am now updating your online portfolio/profiles, my Blogger Page here needs to have its own custom background image rather one of the sites' generic images.

Rainforest, 2016

Originally, this first image was what I intend to have for my background.  I wanted to make it pixel art background and also wanted to make a green scene (to pass over the upcoming winter).  Unfortunately after uploading this for the background template, I've noticed how Blogger would tile the background image if it wasn't large enough and I did this by 3600 x 6400 pixels, 300 Resolution. Also it looked choppy as you scroll down the page's posts.  It just wasn't looking good so I decided then to make a new background that's more compatible with Blogger's design setup.

IconApp-Tiles, 2016
Having sketched some icon art earlier this year, I chose to pixelize some for my next background image.  The tiling effect is working better for the adjustable window frame and it's looking better than the former.  I did a cafe/produce theme where I took rounded square silhouettes and colour/shade/highlight.  Took a surprising long time by making a stippling effect with the pixels within a 180 sq. pix. and with about 3 to 5 different colours.  Love the final results, both the image and its application to Blogger.

Before the snow begins to fall, I'm planning of updating my other sites to freshen them up.  Having a few of them as I do, it'll take a few weeks as I balance with other crucial matters at this time. I'm working to streamline my employment right now, meaning that I'm looking for a closer agency to Scarborough or within it to work for.  With job placements that don't take near 2 hours commuting time, especially with 8 to 12 hour shifts.  I love riding on my bicycle but I should start to learn to drive a car soon if I want to have a larger range of employment opportunities.

Well, until next update!

Speaking of pixel background art, check out this webpage on a very long article but lined with great pixel art:

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