Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sketch a Day Challenge Video Series

Just uploaded up my complete series of the Sketch a Day Challenge now on Youtube.  Oddly, I found some of my earlier videos to be missing, including my channel art.  Then I remembered that I have 2 channels on Youtube, one being for my artwork alone. I've simply uploaded them to both and just in case, changed my password. My video editing isn't the best but I've included soundtracks to listen to with watching the slideshows of my year's worth of sketches.

So, here's the links: /

Haven't done much sketching lately since taking a full-time temp job currently, 2-hour commutes via local transit and all.  There's only 2 more weeks of it left and then I'll be job-hunting again (unless my  temp agency has another job for me soon after).  I got a few things to keep busy with if I don't get anything right away, especially with the Spring rolling in now.  Looking forward to riding on my bike again.

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