Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Neon Butteries

Neon Butterflies, 2014
This is my third attempt of working on this sketch idea.  This acrylic version I made different by including different insects on two smaller scales from the focused subjects. The first one I messed up during its process when I tried to black-wash the background with india ink after I used pencil crayons to render the two butterflies on illustration board; I expected that, being made with a crayon-wax substance, the ink wouldn't stain over the crayon markings.  I ended up severely dulling down the butterflies' vibrance and couldn't re-brighten them.  Torn and trashed into the recycling bin.

Second attempt was digital in Photoshop, where I could easily correct or revert any experimentation. I was able to get the glow-in-the-dark/neon look I wanted.  Kinda left some unused negative space that had me make colour-modified copies of the two butterflies to stamp around them.
Neon Butterflies, 2013
I think I liked how both of them turned out in their respective media.  They both got the bright vibrance that I wanted the butterflies to have against a dark ground.

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