Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wooden Canadian Goose

For over a month, I've been painting this wooden bird planter.  Having found this woodwork on the curb in my neighbourhood, it started as looking weather-worn with wood strips that you would find for old plastered drywalls.  I started by washing and sanding as much roughness off and then between several days at a time, primed and painted with oil paints.  After a protective coat of double boiled linseed oil that I let sun-bake for a few days, I've hot glued two clear glass beads in the eye sockets and gave it a decorative ribbon as a finishing touch.

I had looked up photos of different long-necked birds for what to paint this bird as; I came down between a white farm goose and a Canadian goose (you can see what resulted).  I chose oil paints because this will help preserve the wood better from the rain and keep the paints' vibrance longer.  So now that it is done, it could be used either as a decorative yard piece, as a planter again or an indoor piece.

I had hoped to complete it back earlier this month for a birthday gift when a particular person was visiting (less costly on shipping fees), I could instead sell it.  Maybe during a yard sale; with my Dad having home dialysis getting set up, my parents need to get rid of some things.

Wooden Canadian Goose, 2013
Found wood, glass beads, oil paints with double boiled linseed oil.

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