Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stradna and Pip

In a long strand of works that I've started but left unfinished, here's a new acrylic painting on canvas.  This started out as a test painting for trying out my wheel-able french easel.  I was going to paint a lily plant beside a old fence in the late afternoon in Summer but soon loss interest and started sketching a fantasy scene.  It's nice sometimes to break away from working on a computer and working with physical media.

Now completed after about 2 weeks of late nighters, I'm loving the results here.  I wanted it vibrant, ornate and leave you wanting to explore more of the city, especially a genie city.  Some of you might recognize the young man in the painting if you watch disney junior shows.

Monday, January 4, 2016

My Fiverr Gig Samples

I hope that everyone enjoyed had their Holidays off last year.  Here's a Christmas Illustration I've made, if I've haven't send one to you.

Aside from enjoying the Holidays, I've been making some promos for my Fiverr Gig.  I'm offering to do sketch drawings for $5 each, with rendering them into polished works as extra.  If you're interested, please check my Gig page out at: